Culture Matters

Matters of culture should matter to us—because they matter to God. Hosted by Elizabeth Woodson, Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins, the Culture Matters podcast explores the intersection of faith and culture. Looking at everything from politics, art and entertainment to issues such as racial reconciliation and the sanctity of human life, we discuss what it looks like to live faithfully on mission—in the world but not of the world.

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Monday Jan 10, 2022

On our last episode of the season, we are joined by author and teacher Dr. Lucretia Berry. Dr. Berry helps us understand what is meant by the term "anti-racism" and how Christians should be thinking and engaging with the cultural narrative and attitude toward race.

Saturday Jan 01, 2022

We kick off the new year with a look back at some of our favorite books, music and movies from 2021. We seriously loved some of the art put out in 2021. Check out our 2021 wrapped!

Friday Dec 17, 2021

We are joined this week by Author, Bible Teacher and Minister, Jen Wilkin. Jen has been on staff at The Village Church for many years and joins us to talk about the challenges and opportunities that accompany women in ministry roles.

Friday Dec 03, 2021

On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Mason King, Executive Director of the Institute at The Village Church. We talk about what shapes, disciples and informs the way we think and what role the church should play in forming Christians as disciples of Christ. Resources: Deep Discipleship by J.T. English 12 Ways Your iPhone is Changing You by Tony Reinke How to Think by Alan Jacobs Breaking Bread with the Dead by Alan Jacobs Who God Says You Are by Klyne Snodgrass Hidden Worldviews by Steve Wilkens

Friday Nov 19, 2021

It's time for a little cultural roundup! This week we are joined by Tymarcus Ragland and Chelsea Conway to talk about Dave Chappelle's latest special, Meta (formerly Facebook) and the new Dune movie. We delve into how Christians should approach comedy/art, think about technology, and what truths can be learned from a sci-fi movie.   Show Notes: Dune Explainer - Joanna Robinson The Dune Phenomenon - Elizabeth Bachmann

Friday Nov 12, 2021

We're continuing our conversation around denominations and institutions with Kyle Worley this week. We consider what the future of denominations, particularly the SBC, could look like in the near future and the implications of a church's affiliation with these institutions. Are they beneficial? Are they detrimental? Are they crumbling and if so, is that a bad thing? 

Friday Nov 05, 2021

This week is part one of a two-part episode exploring denominations and religious institutions in America. Specifically, we talk with Kyle Worley about the origins of denominations in America and how they inform our present religious and political climate. Kyle is a long-time friend of Culture Matters and is also a Pastor at Mosaic Church in Richardson, TX. as well as co-host and executive producer of the Knowing Faith podcast.

Friday Oct 29, 2021

Our new season starts next Friday and we're really excited about it. Here's a sneak peek of what we will be talking about! Enjoy.

Friday Sep 03, 2021

This week, we wrap up our series on mental health with a conversation with author and L.P.C. Greg Wilson about his forthcoming book and the role the Church plays in helping those who are hurting. We hope you have found this series on mental health helpfull and encouraging. We will be back soon with new content. Stay tuned!   Resources When Home Hurts: A Guide for Responding Wisely to Domestic Abuse in Your Church by Jeremy Pierre and Greg Wilson Is It Abuse? A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims by Darby A. Strickland  

Friday Aug 27, 2021

This week we take some time to hear stories from some of you, our listeners. We hope that what you hear in these stories is that there is always hope and you are not alone. Even in difficult times, there is community to be found through our shared story.

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